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Hi, I'm Jamila Medley.   I am a mother, a writer, an organizational development consultant, leadership coach, and educator /advocate for the solidarity economy.  Looking forward to sharing more about myself, work, and loves with you here. 

I am called to journey alongside individuals and  organizations when they confront opportunities and challenges, wondering which way to go.  I support them in moving towards shared understanding, alignment, clarity, purpose, and strategy with others.

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About Me


Organizational Development 

Centered in my approach to moving organizations toward transformational change are equity and justice. I support groups in moving at the pace of change that prioritizes the needs of those most impacted by issues being addressed.  I design highly collaborative and participatory processes believing that the collective wisdom of diverse stakeholders is imperative to successful change. Areas I offer organizational development support in include: 

  • Participatory management and governance

  • Strategic planning 

  • Facilitation

  • Change management

  • Leadership development and coaching

Education and Training

With over 25 years experience working within and alongside nonprofits and cooperatively-owned businesses, I have a passion for supporting individuals and organizations with learning.  When we are together, everyone can learn and everyone can teach!  My curriculum design is based on a popular education approach.  My workshops and trainings include:  

  • Cooperative economics 

  • What's a co-op? 

  • Leadership

    • Self-care for leaders

    • Situational leadership 

    • Power, identity and leadership 

    • Group accountability and decision-making

    • Strategic thinking

  • Running effective meetings

If an area or topic you are interested in is not covered in the listings above, please reach out to me!  I'd be happy to consider offering it.  And, if I am not able to , I'll do my best to support you in finding someone who can. 

Let's Talk

Let's Talk.

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"We're all out here experimenting. This is the work that we have to do. We have to keep trying new and different things and letting things fail, finding and grasping the things that succeed.
This is our practice for the world that we want."

- Jamila Medley
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